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Cue the Lights


You may have heard, or read, that you should turn the lights on before a showing. Maybe your REALTOR® even told you to.


Well, it's kind of right.

Your home is up for sale and you've worked hard to get ready for the big day. You've priced it fair, cleaned it up, and done some minor repairs.


Now the moment you've been waiting for—your first showing. Hit every switch, tri-lamps at three, out the door.


Brother, you've got more lights on than the set of a feature film. 


Remember back in the day when you got your groove on in the club? Maybe you still do! Last call came and you ordered two drinks. Before you could look up the lights came on and they were shooing you out the door. As you stumbled out you thought "ugh, this place looks like a dump with the lights on".


If you turn on all the lights in your home it spoils the mood; makes the imperfections jump out.


Instead, show your creative side! Maybe a lamp in the living room with the shade tilted, dim the kitchen lights just right. Go for the dinner party look, it's way more appealing.


Buyers use all their senses when they look at homes. They usually know if they like it in the first few minutes.


Don't leave them blinded by the light.


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