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You Like to Read Stuff. I Like to Write Stuff. That's a Nice Fit!

Buy Like a Boss!

When you’re heading down the path to homeownership it helps if you can read the signs. The Buyer’s Journey is a free, 12 email, 12-day course that covers the basics. Master the basics and you’ll be rewarded with electric decisions!


Sail Thorugh Your Sale

When people don’t care how much they get for their house they don’t bother to make a plan. I think you should make one. Discover how to prep your home for sale, how much REALTORS® cost, what buyers look for and more! It’s all in The Listing Plan.

Bite Sized Ideas

Need a shot of inspiration? Here’s a collection of tiny blog posts (I wrote!) to get hyped for the journey. They’re based on over ten years of experience working with buyers and sellers. Short, helpful and written from the heart!

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New to This?

You’re not alone. People thinking of a moving aren’t always ready to chat with a Realtor, they’d rather start the mission by conducting research from the safety of home base. Well, now you can.


Sell First, Buy Next

If you’re like most people, you’ll need a firm sale on your existing home before the lender gives you money to buy another. It’s a bummer, but not a dead end. Let’s make a plan and get you rolling.

Find Your Dream Home

Finding the perfect home is like falling in love—you’ll know it in an instant. But you’ll never fall in love with pictures on the internet, you need to get up close and personal. Time to get out and mingle!