Hey, I'm Curtis, a Regina REALTOR®, and I built this website to get you up and moving. It's free, straightforward, easy to digest inspiration to help along the way. Discover what to do first, what to do next, and what you should never do. 

Get Moving in the Right Direction

Worried it Won't Sell? (it will)


That house on your drive home has been for sale for months (and months). Now it looks like the owners have moved away, the grass isn’t getting cut anymore. Before long, a new REALTOR® has the listing, and the grass is freshly cut. Four weeks later, it's long again, and the new Realtor's sign hangs sideways. What’s up anyway, must be a horrible house.


But it’s all got you thinking, you've got a house to sell

Buy Like a Boss


You work hard and want the best for your family, including a better home. But where should you start? 


You think you can afford it but hope there are no hidden costs. You know you should get an inspection, but who you can trust? And what about REALTORS®, they're all the same, right?

Well, what if someone let you in on a few secrets

Hey, Curtis...

You're New to This, So I've Made Some Notes For You

People thinking of making a move aren't always ready for a conversation with a REALTOR® just yet and would rather start the mission by conducting research from the safety of home base. Now you can.

Beware the Double Agent

REALTORS® love earning both ends of the commission split, but there's a problem with it - it's a conflict of interest..

Hey Curtis, How Much Do You Think They'll Take For It?

How much do you think they'll take for it? It's a great question and one I get asked all of the time. Here's the answer: how should I know?

Do I Really Have to Clean Everything...

You're selling your house! You're either pumped or feeling sick to your stomach. No worries, get these four things right (plus a bonus item at the end) and you'll be selling like a pro...

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Common questions people ask are: where can I find out what my home is worth, what do REALTORS® charge, do I need to sell before I can buy, how long has that house been on the market, is it a good time to buy a house and more.

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