Alternative Facts

In the climate of alternative facts drifting up from the border I thought I’d write something about sale prices.

Years ago, before I was a REALTOR®, my neighbour put his house up for sale. It took a while but he finally got it sold. When we were talking over the fence he made sure to mention how much he got for his house.

About a month later the new owner moved in. He made a point of telling me what he paid for the house.

Guess what? The numbers didn’t match, they weren’t even close.

This wasn’t a surprise to me. Sellers like to tell you the got more than they actually did and buyers will tell you they paid less than they did. We’re all trying to save face. Alternative facts.

I have access to the real numbers. If you want to know what a house you’ve been following online sold for give me a ring or shoot me a text. I’d be happy to let you know!


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