You Plan to Buy a Home! It's a Perfect Day to Get Started
Buying a Home has 3 Steps

Step 1 - Get Your Financing in Shape

This is the first step, and it's no fun. The lender will look into your financial history, ask for your latest T4, recent bank statements, a list of debt obligations, pay stubs and more. You can't make an offer on a home until your pre-qualification is in place. 

Step 2 - Hit the Doorsteps

Now the fun starts. Viewing homes in person is different than online. Pictures don't tell the whole story, and they don't smell. Lots of houses smell      Let's see things first hand.

Step 3 -Make an Offer and Close the Deal


When you find the right house, you'll know in an instant. Now's the time to act. I'll help you write an offer that gets accepted, show you what inspections to include, and turn your offer into a final sale. 

Ready to Roll?

To get you in the mood I've written a series of short, easy to read, and fun articles to make sure you get the right home for the right price. In less than two weeks you'll know everything you need to buy a home stress-free.

it matters who you choose
DAY2How Seller's Arrive at List Price
it's an art as much as a science
DAY3. Deposits and Down Payments
 you'll make both
DAY4. Booking Showings
no, we can't go see it in 5 minutes
DAY5Look Out Below!
basements and big $ items
DAY6Nice Houses Sell Quickly
will your true love slip away?
DAY7. How Much Will They Take For It?
how should I know?
Here's What You'll Get 
DAY8. What the Heck is a Chattel?
 and can I have the TV?
DAY9Terms and Conditions
let's include both
DAY10You're Awesome!
 and I'm going to tell them that
DAY11. Conditional Sales
 inspections and financing need to go
DAY12. Cloud 9
 I'll meet you there with the keys to your new house
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These Nice People Went on the Buyer's Journey and Found Success

Ben bought a house and a pie. Thumbs up for both!

Dani and Adriana sold their condo and bought a house in Greens on Gardiner

Aisha and Zeeshan in their first Canadian home

All information supplied by Curtis Bonar

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